Fundraising Ideas in Hawaii


If you’re looking for fundraising ideas in Hawaii, leave it to us to help.

With our help you can guarantee find a fundraiser in Hawaii that can help your school, sports team, or nonprofit organization raise money for whatever the cause may be!

Featured Fundraiser in Hawaii

Cookie Corner


Their fundraiser program gives nonprofit organizations an easy way to raise money.

When you make the decision of taking advantage of their fundraising program, preparation starts right away. To start, they bake a fresh batch of delicious bite size cookies. Next, your group needs to make sales. Tell your friends and family (…maybe tell them to tell their friends and their families too). Each bag sells for $8.00 and your group keeps $4.00 for each bag sold. That’s a 50% profit!

Their minimum order is 240 bags of cookies. Whether it’s for a soccer team, swimming team, or school, the Cookie Corner can help you raise the funds you need. Fundraising with them is easy because who doesn’t love Cookie Corner cookies?!

More Reasons to Have Your Fundraiser with Cookie Corner

  1. Highly recognizable name throughout the island with a reputation for high quality products
  2. The selling price of $8.00 is a great and affordable price. Along with it being affordable, this price allows your organization to make a large amount of profit.
  3. Instead of paying an overpriced amount like other fundraisers, anyone that purchases get what they pay for.
  4. Said it once, I’ll say it again. Everyone simply loves Cookie Corner cookies!

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